Risque Beaute

Contour Brush Set


Risque Beaute Beauty professional grade beauty tools are handcrafted with only the finest materials and finished with supreme care. All our brushes are cruelty free, made with super soft, synthetic hair. Our top quality brushes help you create your favorite looks- Expertly crafted for flawless application, helping to give you runway-ready looks at the tip of your fingers!

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Step 1:
Apply your foundation; use the flat contour brush with a powder or cream a little bit darker that your skin tone. Apply to all contour shaded areas in the picture.
Step 2:
Use the angled blush brush to apply blush. Sweep over the apples of cheeks, blending up and out toward temples.
Step 3:
Use the stippling brush with highlighter or concealer to start to highlight. Apply to all highlight shaded areas in the picture.
Step 4:
Use the stippling brush again to blend the contour lines into your foundation. Use the angled blush brush again to spread the blush over your entire face.

Brush Care:
Rinse clean with warm water and mild soap. Shake off excess water and gently swipe brush back and forth a few times against clean towel. Leave out to dry overnight.