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Makeup Brush Cleansing Palette


Our professional grade beauty tools are made with only the finest materials and finished with supreme care. Our top quality sponges help you create your favorite looks – expertly crafted for flawless application, helping to give you runway – ready looks at the tip of your fingers!

  • Removes makeup buildup, dirt and oil
  • Easy to clean
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Place palette on flat surface, secure the suction cups to it. Rinse brushes with warm water while bristles are pointing downward. Apply mild shampoo/cleanser to the mat. Swirl brush back and forth over desired texture. Rinse bristles under running water again facing downward to remove all residue and shampoo/cleanser. Squeeze out excess water. Repeat process if necessary. Lay brushes on angle (bristle facing downward) overnight to dry. Recommended usage: Once a week.